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Connecticut Electric Companies Compared

The state of Connecticut is deregulated and there are several

choices for commercial businesses to find a cheaper electric

provider in the state. When Connecticut opened up for

deregulation there were only a handful of electric providers

offering electric service in this state. There are now

multiple electric companies and energy price choices to

compare and choose among the energy suppliers. Our energy

consulting company compares Connecticut electric providers

and rates by taking the businesses electric usage out to up

to 15 different energy suppliers in Connecticut in a reverse

auction process. Once we have the electric rates negotiated

down we put them together in a detailed electric rate

proposal. We send this proposal over in an email and you can

choose the best electric provider, rate, and term. Once you

have the choice decided upon we can have rates refreshed and

send over the energy contract from the provider you have

decided on.
You Can Contact a Connecticut Energy Consultant

If you would like to begin the reverse auction process to bid

down your Connecticut commercial electric rates then you may

give us a call or contact us to get started. All we need is

for your company to fill out the form on the contact us page

to begin. If you have any questions you can call us at 1-800


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